Intro to Probability Theory (Draft)

This post will provide an overview of what I learned in my first semester probability course. The purpose of this post is to improve my own understanding and presentation of the material. The focus will be on simplifying the content and as a result, the treatment of the subject will... [Read More]

School is Tough Man

My first semester as PhD student is finally complete. It was a difficult semester for me and I had to develop a few skills in order to survive and keep sane. One skill was finding alternative ways to learn course content outside of the lecturers’ notes and recommended reading. It... [Read More]
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First post!

This first post is dedicated to showing that I have done some sorta interesting things. I have evidence from the internet. I was interviewed by University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture for my undergraduate research (interview). I performed in a play for the Delaware African Student Association during my sophomore... [Read More]